This site is maintained by Wolfgang Schwarz.

I liked the old, open, decentralized web, in which our data was not owned by a small number of companies whose interests are not aligned with ours.

It would be great, I think, if researchers published their drafts and papers on their personal websites, rather than hiding them behind paywalls or uploading them to for-profit portals like, from where only registered users can download them.

It would be great if researchers posted thoughts and questions on public blogs, rather than on Facebook or Twitter.

The problem with a decentralized web is it's harder to find things. Will anyone notice that you've uploaded a paper to your personal page, or raised a question on your blog?

Here is where this service is meant to help. It will find your paper or blog post, and list it in the newsfeed. (You can check out the current list of tracked pages.)

I have further plans. It would be nice, for example, if users could train their personal filter so that they only see items relevant to their personal interests. (This feature is in fact already implemented, but I put user registration on hold when the GDPR laws came into effect.)

Unfortunately I have little time to work on this project, or even to maintain the list of tracked pages. (Most of the process is automated, but it needs a little manual supervision.) If you are interested in helping out, please send me a note: